About Us

The Greater Moncton Chinese Chamber of Commerce (GMCCC) is a non-profit organization comprised of Chinese enterprises and professionals in Greater Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

The GMCCC was officially registered on July 4th 2018. It has been implementing activities according to its vision and value, promoting mutual exchanges, communication and business cooperation between Chinese enterprises and local businesses in Greater Moncton Area, and aiming to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of its members and provide services. It has also been committed to improving the business operating environment for GMCCC members, contributing to the expansion of trade cooperation between China and Canada and the development of amicable Sino-Canada relations. Making every Chinese immigrant happy in life and successful in business.


As more and more Chinese new immigrants moving to GMA, they have broadly engaged in businesses such as restaurants, supermarkets, coffee shops, real estate, finance and insurance, horticulture, hotels, logistics and distribution, outdoor sports equipment, tourism, trailer camp outdoor adventures, summer camps, extra-curricular education, consulting and so on.

Despite the difficulties and obstacles ahead, however, with all members’ efforts and teamwork, The GMCCC will join together and work together to face the local market challenges and opportunities, to share and lower the market risks, to strive for opportunities and development, to create values for and to make contributions to our Chinese community!

Our Missions

The GMCCC are developing the unified media and building strong public relations platform for spreading worthy and accurate business information, ideas, news in a timely manner.

We are committed to the integration of information and resources;

To help our members for solving their key strategic and operational questions and problems in their business planning and also daily business practice;
To provide professional training, consulting service;
To help the members to get informed and gain an understanding of the industry and government policies, laws and regulations;

To hire or invite professionals to conduct active and effective business education and training.

The GMCCC will build bridges not walls.

We will Communicate effectively with the government and interest groups as a representative of local Chinese businesses to obtain profound and broad market information, government resources and possible business opportunities for members.

We will establish a solid and effective social platform to connect with local business resources. The GMCCC will regularly organize various business events, seminars and salons to help members get updates on business intelligence, set up their network, share experiences and business opportunities, and integrate into the mainstream business communities successfully.

We are also committed to establishing an effective communication mechanism with the local governments such as immigration development department to assist local governments in attracting more Chinese immigrants to live and work permanently in Moncton and New Brunswick.

We will also build a bridge between the Chinese and Canadian local governments to attract foreign investment supported by the solid and broad network in China.

We will help and encourage new immigrants to start new businesses. We will assist them in establishing business and expanding investment as a business incubator with integrated and all-around services;

We will establish and expand local Chinese business ecosystem and work hard to help our members catch and maximize the opportunities in various industries and fill the demand gaps in the market.

The GMCCC will be open and inclusive. We welcome the participation of all our members and other local organizations, sponsors to propel economic growth that leads Greater Moncton to a prosperous future.














Executive Members of GMCCC

  • President

    Mr. Sean Song

  • Secretary General

    Ms. Jun Yuan

  • Treasure

    Ms. Wen Xiao

  • Member Services

    Ms. Yan Huang

  • Public Relations

    Mr. Steven Sun

  • Media Planning

    Mr. Song Xu

  • Information Technology

    Mr. Guodong Wu